Why I became a Communication Studies Major

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I became a Com major because I wanted to be able to communicate effectively with other people. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into until I looked into the communication studies program. I found out that with this major I would be able to achieve the four major outcomes of studying communication. I wanted to have excellent oral performance skills as well as written performance skills. I also strive to achieve critical/creative adaption for diversity and context along with analysis and application for concepts. In my major I chose to focus on the rhetoric and public discourse of communication. I found that this was the most interesting track for the communication studies major. I found myself more and more interested with my major as I progressed into the rhetoric field. I became interested in writing also, which helped me choose my minor as Journalism. I believe that is another aspect of Communication Studies that is so great. I was able to choose from a numerous amount of minors. I also decided to look into other aspects of communication and took a few organizational and interpersonal communication classes.


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