Opera Guild Experience

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While at The University of Alabama one of my senior projects was working with the Opera Guild at Alabama. Helping this new group create a social media presence as well as a logo. This was the logo that I designed for them to use on all of there products.


Volunteer Organizations

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Below I have listed some of the organizations and groups I have volunteered with over the past five years. I have grown from these experiences, and have learned the true value of giving back. I would like to continue my volunteering even when pursuing my career.

Tornado Relief

UA Greek Relief

Capstone Village

Joining Forces

Service for Sight


American Breast Cancer Society

American Heart Association

American Cancer Society

Ronald McDonald House

Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

Habitat for Humanity


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I am currently working as the CBS Sports Network campus representative. I help develop social media marketing strategies and events in order to create awareness of SEC on CBS at The University of Alabama.

Recently, I have been working with the UA Opera Guild in designing their website, logo, and social media page. The opera guild just recently formed at The University of Alabama and needed help setting up a social media presence. With my knowledge in computer-mediated communication I was able to help them get set up and train them on how to edit and maintain their site.