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Young People Now Spend a Full Day Online Every Week

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Young adults are now spending more than one full day per week online, according to new survey data from a U.K. communications regulator. In its annual Media Use and Attitudes Report, Ofcom found that U.K. residents between ages 16 and 24 now spend 27 hours and 36 minutes using the Internet each week, compared to about 10 hours per week a decade ago. Overall, people older than 16 are online for about 20 hours and 30 minutes each week, up from 10 hours in 2005.

The boost can largely be attributed to smartphones, which allow users to access the Internet from virtually anywhere. People now spend almost two and a half hours online per week when they’re away from work, home or school, up from just 30 minutes in 2005.

As Internet use has increased, general anxiety about the dangers of being online have fallen. Fifty-one percent of respondents said…

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A Journey Never Forgotten

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.”

One of my favorite and most unforgotten “Journey” ever taken would be my first trip to The University of Alabama. It was the middle of Fall 2010, I was a senior in High School making the biggest decision I ad ever had to make; what college to attend. From the moment I stepped on to Alabama’s beautiful campus I knew that it was where I would be. The beautiful leaves changing colors, the smell of barbecue from a distance, not to mention the amazing southern architecture of the buildings. This was only the beginning of a four year journey for me. Months later I packed my bags, loaded up my car, and head to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I decided to join a sorority upon my arrival to Alabama. Not knowing anything about the massive amount of young girls who live for this sort of lifestyle. I did end up joining a sorority though, I decided to become a charter member of Delta Gamma, it was the first year they would be on campus and I knew I could be apart of starting something new. I liked the idea of not having to follow in someones footsteps, I could be my own person. This is where I met some of my closest friends and some of who I will call my bridesmaids.

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Opera Guild Experience

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While at The University of Alabama one of my senior projects was working with the Opera Guild at Alabama. Helping this new group create a social media presence as well as a logo. This was the logo that I designed for them to use on all of there products.


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Below I have attached a link to connect you to my LinkedIn account. This is where you can find a detailed collection of my previous experience, as well as my most recent. Please feel free to look at my account as well as connect with me on LinkedIn.

Volunteer Organizations

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Below I have listed some of the organizations and groups I have volunteered with over the past five years. I have grown from these experiences, and have learned the true value of giving back. I would like to continue my volunteering even when pursuing my career.

Tornado Relief

UA Greek Relief

Capstone Village

Joining Forces

Service for Sight


American Breast Cancer Society

American Heart Association

American Cancer Society

Ronald McDonald House

Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

Habitat for Humanity

Personal Statement on Diversity, Communication, and Contemporary Society

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What is diversity? Is it simply the way that we as communicators divide ourselves among others or is there more to it? I believe that we are all diverse in a sense of what we learn, how we act and what we believe in. Not by the color of our skin, the color of our hair or the way we speak. In the society that we live in today, one is pressured to conform to societal norms and act how we are told to act. Is this the goal of a contemporary society that one wishes to accomplish? I believe that as an effective communicator we have the ability to communicate our personal beliefs and societal views without coming across as rebelling against this societal cookie cutter form people believe we should be placed in. You can not have a contemporary society without having successful communicators, and with that there will always be diversity.

If contemporary society is characterized by the interconnection between people and relationships than why isn’t society better communicators? Communication in my mind is an art, it isn’t easy to learn at first but once you understand the principles and the history behind it you can form it into something peaceful.  However, contemporary society is not just based on communication but also the depth of human ways of life. I believe that the ways people interact and form their life is based off of communication and a skill that you have to learn from. This brings back my point on diversity and how it is characterized by much more than the race of one another. Diversity can be within communication, which makes everyone a different type of communicator. For example, I may not be the best at giving nonverbal communication but if you give me the chance to describe what it is I am trying to tell you, I can be an amazing communicator. Communication can be difficult to define because there are so many different types of communication as well as communicators

Why I became a Communication Studies Major

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I became a Com major because I wanted to be able to communicate effectively with other people. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into until I looked into the communication studies program. I found out that with this major I would be able to achieve the four major outcomes of studying communication. I wanted to have excellent oral performance skills as well as written performance skills. I also strive to achieve critical/creative adaption for diversity and context along with analysis and application for concepts. In my major I chose to focus on the rhetoric and public discourse of communication. I found that this was the most interesting track for the communication studies major. I found myself more and more interested with my major as I progressed into the rhetoric field. I became interested in writing also, which helped me choose my minor as Journalism. I believe that is another aspect of Communication Studies that is so great. I was able to choose from a numerous amount of minors. I also decided to look into other aspects of communication and took a few organizational and interpersonal communication classes.